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Sociological Research


Sociological research focuses on examining individuals, institutions, communities, cultures, and the relationship between them within the social structure. Sociological data also provide valuable insights for all other fields of social sciences. In this context, a multidisciplinary research project will be carried out for five years from 2021 in the ancient city of Phoenix, located within the borders of Muğla Province, Marmaris District, Taşlıca and Söğüt villages, dating back 2500 years. In the first phase of this research, it was agreed with the research head, Dr. Asil Yaman, to conduct sociological studies.

The sociological research planned to be carried out in Taşlıca and Söğüt villages, where the ancient city of Phoenix is located, aims to reveal the expectations, demands, problems, and solution suggestions in its basic problematic environment by revealing the characteristics of the society living in the region. It is planned to rearrange other projects in light of important data such as the perspective of the people of the region on cultural heritage and historical structures, socio-economic status, expectations from the future, and education of children, which will be obtained from sociology studies. In this way, it is aimed to understand social changes at the local level and measure basic social problems.


In the project, it is planned to use quantitative and qualitative research techniques together and to reach people through the prepared questionnaire and in-depth interview form. As a result of the evaluations to be made after the interviews are completed, and if deemed necessary, a more in-depth analysis can be planned with “focus group interviews.”

The population of the research consists of the resident population living in Taşlıca and Söğüt Neighborhoods of Marmaris District of Muğla Province. However, the region consists of village settlements close to each other. Therefore, instead of accepting a single village as a research universe, it is possible to include the surrounding villages in the study due to the possibility of being affected. Which villages will be included in the study will be decided together with the research team. According to this, the population of Taşlıca neighborhood, which includes the ancient city of Phoenix, and the surrounding villages are given below:

  • Taşlıca: 460
  • Söğüt: 1,631
  • Selimiye: 1,273
  • Bozburun: 2,105

A research will be carried out for the people of the region with a sample chosen from the universe (population). Participants’ level of knowledge and awareness of the ancient city of Phoenix and/or other cultural heritage in the region, their level of knowledge about the cultural heritage and archaeological remains of the region, and their level of knowledge on the social life memory of the region will be measured (via questionnaire and/or in-depth interview). An awareness training program will be designed with the results obtained.


It is foreseen that the Phoenix Sociology Program will continue for a total of two years, in 2021 and 2025. In the first step of the field studies, it is essential for the local people to address the above-mentioned questions and to organize the projects to be developed in accordance with the data obtained from this study. In the second phase of the sociology program, it is aimed to observe the socio-economic change of the local people, their perspective on culture and education, and the changes in their relations with historical structures after a 5-year research period.