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Gastronomy Studies​

Designed as a program focused on the Phoenix Ancient City and its surroundings, this initiative closely examines the food and drinking habits of the region in the past and present, aiming to introduce the gastronomic culture of the region on a national and international scale.

The region in the Bozburun Peninsula, which has started to come to the fore with its gastronomy as a result of domestic and international tourism since the early 2000s, includes the area in and around the Phoenix Ancient City. The gastronomy studies within the scope of the Phoenix Archaeology Project aim to reveal the effects and relationships of food and drinking habits, extending to a period of 2600 years on today’s world, especially in Taşlıca, Söğüt, and Aziziye (Karamaka) villages, through workshops and activities using the findings of oral history studies, archaeobotany studies, cultural heritage, and sociological studies. Within the context of these relations, workshops, activities, training programs, supports, and projects will be organized to cover the following purposes:

  • To make the region’s own food and drinking culture more visible on both national and international scales,
  • To unveil and preserve food and beverage values related to the gastronomic culture,
  • To present different interpretations and relationships of the ingredients as well as recipes of today and support the regional food and beverage trade,
  • To draw attention to changes and developments that can be introduced to tourism in the region by focusing on gastronomy, and
  • To support and encourage gastronomical activities of the local people in the region.