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A New Generation Archaeological Project
at the Heart of the Carian Chersonese


We are a group of scientists and volunteers who came together from various countries and institutions around the motto of ‘archaeology for everyone.’ We dreamed of a sustainable, new generation scientific project in Phoenix and working hard to make it real.


The Phoenix Archaeological Project (PAP) is an interdisciplinary and multinational co-operative excavation and survey project conducting in ancient Phoenix. The project is started in 2021 with the official permission of the Ministry of Culture of Turkey, and it is directing by Dr. Asil Yaman of Penn Museum.


The center of the ancient Phoenix is located 4 km South of Taşlıca village in the southwestern part of the Bozburun Peninsula, Marmaris (Turkey). Hisartepe consists of the fortified acropolis of the city, and the core of the settlement measures approximately 2.5 hectares. The top of the acropolis rises 250 meters above the Sindili plain and the lower town of the Phoenix.


Phoenix Archaeological Project (PAP) is started in 2021 with Turkey’s Ministry of Culture’s official permission. The field surveys in Phoenix and its environs are conducting between June and October every year.


PAP practice the traditional methods of systematic, intensive field survey and locus-lot system for excavations. PAP integrate the historical research with other disciplines as geophysics, ecology, anthropology, sociology, and history. All data sets from the sub-projects combining in a web-based digital interface. The data entry  continue during the off-season period by our archivists.


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